Guitar repair done with care

It is important to us that your guitar repair, mandolin repair, banjo repair or ukulele repair is done right when it leaves our shop. Your instrument is repaired only by qualified, trained luthiers and guitar repair technicians in our stringed instrument repair shop. We are also experienced musicians and session players who know how these stringed instruments should sound, feel and play. So know that your guitar or other stringed instrument is receiving the love and attention it needs when you bring it in. We believe in going the extra mile when it comes to your guitar repair. Personal customer care, reasonable and transparent pricing and high quality in our work are of great importance to us. Come on in, you’ll be well taken care of! We also have a lot of experience in Banjo Repair, Banjo Setup, Mandolin Repair, Mandolin Setup, Ukulele Repair and Ukulele Setup. Contact us today!


These guitar frets are badly worn from heavy play and capo use. They need to be replaced or buzzing and intonation issues will be a problem. Do your frets look the same? Contact us so we can help you with your fret issues.




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