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It is important to us that your guitar repair is done right when it leaves our shop. Your instrument is repaired only by qualified, trained luthiers and guitar repair technicians who are also experienced musicians and session players, so you know that it is receiving the love and attention it needs when you bring it in. We believe in going the extra mile when it comes to your guitar repair. Personal customer care, reasonable and transparent pricing and high quality in our work are of great importance to us. Come on in, you’ll be well taken care of! We also do Banjo Repair, Banjo Setup, Mandolin Repair, Mandolin Setup, Ukulele Repair and Ukulele Setup LEARN MORE >

Will our prized vintage guitars that have ivory nuts and saddles be out lawed because of a new law they are trying to pass? Read this letter I just received.

Ivory Heats Up in August

Ivory Ban Proponents Are Feeling the Heat from your Calls and Letters

If the reaction from proponents of the ivory ban are any indication, your work contacting legislators is making great progress. In the past few weeks, the Wildlife Conservation Society (WCS) has e-mailed its members praising the New Jersey Ivory Ban, while soliciting contributions to fight back the bills pending in Congress to stop a federal domestic ivory ban. “I can't overstate what a threat this is,” says John Calvelli of the WCS, “these bills could be attached to any larger piece of legislation and swiftly passed at any time.” They call upon their membership to write lawmakers to oppose any effort to kill the federal ivory ban or block the states from imposing their own bans.

They are also cranking up their PR machine. Misleading ivory articles tied to the recent White House Summit of African Nations and the World Elephant Day on August 12 were designed to trigger public hysteria about the possibility of elephant extinction to preclude rational discussion about how to protect elephants without punishing innocent Americans. There were also segments on Charlie Rose and CBS Sunday Morning.

None of this would be going on if you weren’t speaking out.

The President’s Advisory Council on Wildlife Trafficking, affiliated NGOs, and USFWS all ignored you when they concocted the scheme to ban domestic ivory. They ignored you during public meetings and initial rulemaking. They can’t afford to ignore you any longer.

While you have captured the attention of sympathetic law makers, pro-ban forces are still on the offensive. Both New York and New Jersey now have state-level ivory bans that exceed the restrictions that USFWS has discussed at the federal level. USFWS let the African Summit and World Elephant Day pass without publishing the regulation that would kill the Special Rule on African Elephants, but they clearly have not given up on that effort. WCS, an organization with over $210 million in annual revenue and over $750 million in assets, continues to lead the publicity campaign drawing misleading relationships between legal ivory in the United States and poaching in Africa.

With about 2 weeks remaining in Congress’s Summer Recess, NOW is a great time to talk your law makers into co-sponsoring H.R. 5052 and S. 2587. The goal is to drive up the number of cosponsors when they return from their break. Push the button on the right side of this e-mail for your legislators’ contact information.

WCS is trying to get their members to write law makers. Make sure your voice is heard.

Sincerely yours,

Rob Mitchell

PS: Bring this letter from Rep. Steve Daines when you talk to your legislator to show him or her which bill you want co-sponsored (3 photos)
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We specialize in guitar set up, re-fretting, fret-dressing, nut and saddle fabrication & more! We believe in going above and beyond so your guitar repair is done right!

1934 Martin 000-28 Restored

1934 Martin 000-28 Restored

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1934 Martin 000-28 restoration

This is before we started any work restoring the Martin guitar that you see above.