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Dreaded Fret Buzz and Where It’s Coming From

Today James takes another timeout to talk about different types of buzz like fret buzz and where it comes from.  He talks about what solutions might be available to resolve fret buzz and the different ways to determine if your guitar is buzzing or not!  Buzz can come from the nut, saddle(s) or frets themselves! […]

Guitar String Deflection and Why You Should Care

Today James takes a closer look at guitar string deflection.  It’s rarely mentioned in most ‘turn and burn’ shops but is often the first thing we look at at James Hood Guitar Repair.  A couple thousandths of an inch can mean all the difference, believe it or not.  James shows us his technique in determining […]

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Buying Your First Banjo

Ready to learn the intricacies of this deceiving simple folk instrument? Deering Banjo Company talks about a few things to keep in mind before you pull the trigger. Deering Banjo Points Out Five Key Topics to Keep in Mind On Your Search for Your First Banjo: 1. Don’t Buy Your First Banjo With Your Eyes […]

Troubled Ovation

This old Ovation Tornado came into the shop and it has seen some action over the years. The tail piece that retains the botany style teen decided to break at some point in its life so the customer asked us to fabricate a reproduction of the original. I took a trip to the hardware store to see […]


Les Paul peghead repair magic

This Gibson Les Paul peghead repair turned out real nice considering how much of a pain it was to fix. These are some of the toughest guitar repairs to handle simply because the peghead is separated from the guitar completely. Our job is to reattach it and make sure everything lines up. The most common peghead […]


Refinish this Fender stratocaster from1957

Watch me refinish this Fender Stratocaster from 1957  in this video I put together. Its a three color burst and i will go over some of the process I use when working with the stain on the body as well as taking you inside my finishing booth and letting you see how I spray the […]


Martin guitar restoration 1943 000-28

Martin guitar restoration 1943 000-28 This is a story about a pre war martin guitar repair. The peg head on this old Martin guitar had broken off once upon a time and been lost. In desperation the owner decided to try his hand at fabricating a peg head of some kind to get the old guitar […]

K&K acoustic guitar pickup review

wouldn’t it make sense to have an acoustic guitar pickup installed that is going to capture as much of that pure acoustic sound as possible?

Gibson Lg-2 badly damaged

Gibson Lg-2 Restoration

Gibson Lg-2 Restoration This Gibson Lg-2 came to us practically split in half. It had a split running down each side, from the bass side waist all the way around, right through the neck block. This means it broke clean through the heel of the neck and then the split kept going, just about all […]

The Forty Nineteens

The Forty Nineteens sound like blend of 80’s alternative rock and late 90’s…


Guitar fret wire allergy

I contacted several of my suppliers and finally after speaking with Luthiers Mercantile in northern California and discovered the EVO Gold Fret wire which I found out had no traces of Nickel in it

Martin Guitar neck adjustment basics

Martin Guitar neck adjustment basics I have been getting a lot of phone call’s and hearing about a lot of buzzing guitars lately, so i decided to do a blog about martin guitar neck adjustment to help yall out. The same will apply to Taylor, Fender and other brand necks. I will just touch on […]

1969 Martin Logo

Authorized Martin guitar repair

  Vintage Martin Guitar Logo issues I love hearing that people have driven from a great distances to bring guitars to our Authorized martin guitar repair shop. These are there babies and like family members whether purchased by them or passed down from generation to generation. They say finding a good quality guitar repair shop […]


Fret Replacement Or Fret Dress?

When should a fret replacement or fret dress be done on my guitar? There is a time when fret replacement or a fret dress is needed on a guitar. However this depends on the players preferences if they like tall frets or no frets at all like a fret less wonder. If there is a […]


1957 Fender Telecaster Real McCoy?

Wow a 1957 Fender Telecaster in for verification at James hood guitar repair located inside buffalo brothers guitars in Carlsbad ,ca but is it the real McCoy? One of the first things we noticed was the Philips head screws. We were thinking “well that doesn’t seem right” untill we called our friend Steve Soest of […]